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The JIELI manual sweeper, available in model JL920,JL920F and JL920W, offers an impressive performance in outdoor spaces as well as indoor floors. Compared to a manual broom, it will pick up and remove dust, dirt, sand, nails, bolts, cigarettes, etc. up to 6 times faster.Being compact and light, you can also use the sweeper when space is limited or in congested areas. The broom are rotated by the gear system as the machine is pushed forward by the user, making the sound level low. There is no motor, so daytime cleaning is an attractive, cost-saving option.The user will enjoy several benefits such as the soft grip handle which is adjustable to always ensure a comfortable working position. Dust being limited by the built-in filter and the easy handling of the large hopper when it needs to be emptied.All-in-all this fast and productive JIELI manual sweeper is an ideal choice for applications such as cleaning in small factories, car parks, malls, schools, workshops, bus/railway stations as well as outside office buildings.

JIELI JL920 manual sweeperThe basic but classic manual sweeperMore than 6 times faster than a man with a broom! with a total sweeping path of 920 mm which can sweep up to 3680 m2/h. JL920 walk behind sweeper can be used to efficiently sweep small to medium floor areas.

JIELI JL920F filter manual sweeper

Equipped a filter on the container, then the dirty air can be filtered out of container,

Compared with JL920, the JL920F model have better effect on dust retain.

If you have requirement on dust control, JL920F model will be a good choice.

JIELI JL920W water spraying system push sweeper

JIELI JL920W is a new type of floor sweeper. It is equipped with 5L water tank on the basis of the original floor sweeper, the unique water spraying system support by lithium battery can spray 2 hrs continuously.