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The Jieli group are proud to introduce our the newest model JL1100 AI battery sweeper. Suitable for city and outdoor cleaning, warehouse, factory, hotels, property, basement. Adding the water spraying system, to reduce the dust when it is working.


  • Low battery/water indicator
  • Water spraying system
  • Multiple line protection
  • Garbafe full indicator
  • Special Garbage converying structure
  • Working time count
  • Working distance count
  • Tele data transmission
  • Vacuum and Shock dust motor
  • Motor failure alarm


Model JL1100
Total sweeping width 1100mm
Container capacity 86L
Drive Battery
Working efficiency 5500m2/hr
Packing size 1710*1200*1350mm
Machine size 1600*1100*1260mm
Power 1300w
weight 190KG
Walking speed 5Km/h
Range mileage 30-50km
Battery data
Battery type lead-acid
Working time 6-7hrs
Voltage DC 48V
Capacity 112AH
Charger date
Input voltage AC185-265V 47-63Hz
Output voltage DC 48V
End of charge voltage DC 58.8V
Charging current 15A
Water pump data
Power 30w
Water tank container 20L
Water spraying time 4 hrs
Nozzle size 0.4mm