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Battery powered push sweepers

JIELI 780 ECO Power Wide Area Walk Behind Hard Surface Commercial Push Sweeper

The best sweeper for commercial use for larger areas up to approx. 3,800 m² (e.g. petrol stations, in workshops and large car parks). Best sweeping performance and efficient sweeping: with turbo sweeping system, sweeping performance: 3.800 m²/h, dirt container capacity 50 liters, with disc brush overlaying on both sides, with side roller on one side, stepless brush height adjustment .

Cordless, silent, and safe to use for indoor as well as outdoor hard surfaces, commercial carpets, sport surfaces etc. Turbo three brush unique set up for the best sweeping performance in walk behind sweeper class. Able to sweep from fine particles up to debris of the size of soda can or beer bottle. Reliable and ready to the job regardless on weather conditions.

highly recommended for the diy homeowner or business owner!

Sweeps fine and course dirt

Sweeps wet and dry debris

Lightweight for easy use

JL780E: completely battery model, the brush and water spraying system supported by battery

JL780W: bettery support water spraying system, hand push operation

JL780: no battery, hand push to drive