Manual vs. Electric Sweeper


If you’re wondering which option to choose from the best manual sweeper on the market, take a look at the below specifications to help you make up your mind:

Manual Sweeper

A manual sweeper usually has the adjustable handle and brushes. As the manual sweeper moves over the floor, the wheels force the brushes to rotate and force dirt into the dirt container.

Most manual sweepers have adjustable height of brushes that help improve cleaning. They are optimized for different types of dirt and debris. For example, one brush can be optimized for larger debris, while the other height of brush is optimized for smaller particles.

To improve cleaning along the edges, you the side of brushes can handle this issue.

Furthermore, to enhance hygiene, modern manual sweepers have very simple, but efficient dirt bins that allow the user to empty the unit with no dirt, even you can let the kids do the job.

Electric Sweeper

Electric sweepers use a rechargeable battery to rotate brushes and clean the floor. Although electric sweepers are somewhat heavier than manual sweepers, they are easier to move around and clean with, since they use electric motors to rotate the brushes and do the cleaning.

Electric sweepers are very similar to manual sweepers in the design and construction of brushes and dirt bins. Many manufacturers often have both versions of the same model.

Electric sweepers also cost more than manual sweepers, but they are all still very cheap cleaning units.

Finding the right sweeper depends on the model and the size of the floors that you have to clean. The choice also depends on how often you need to clean floors.

Some battery-operated sweeper are very quiet during operation, and they replace manual sweepers even where you need low volume operation. On the other hand, a rechargeable manual sweeper is battery operated and is very efficient, very quiet and very light.