How to Choose the Best Manual push Sweeper machine


A manual push sweeper machine is not a vacuum cleaner technically and are mechanical devices without battery,

suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning, warehouse, property, basement and etc.


How to work

If you ever wondered how does a manual push sweeper machine works, here it is in short.

The main function is to sweep the floor’s dust and collect them into their container.

It is powered by hand pushing forward, and the wheel drives the brushes, so as to sweep the dust into the container.

It also has the height of brush adjustments to make sweeping more comfortable.


popular product

Today, Ride-on sweeper superseded the use of manual sweepers.

However,  it is still in use at homes and for commercial applications where their lightweight and quiet operation is appreciated.

If you are into bits of trivia and history, we want to let you know that the brand of JIELI.


professional manufacturer

It is a professional manufacturer since 1992, as their manual sweeper are the earliest and the best on the Chinese market. These manual sweeper has exported to over 40 countries and areas in the world. As you can see, manual sweepers are old, but not obsolete. You will not have the surprise of your life to learn below that some of the best manual sweeper models on the market today come from JIELI.

They are not a thing of the past because they allow users to quickly clean areas without making any noise that could disturb anybody. And virtually maintenance free.

Before we begin discussing the best manual cleaning machine tool on the market, let’s look into the benefits of owning one. It doesn’t mean you have to ditch other cleaning equipment. It means they are a great addition to your current cleaning routine. Below are the main benefits.

how to work

sweeper pick up debris